Lauren's Assignment Notebook
Scans from the week of 04.12.04

Monday, 04.12.04

Monday, 04.12.04. I seem to have gotten a lot of research work done while I was on campus, but none after I got home. That's a typical day for me. I am very ambitious while at school, but somewhat less so after I leave.

Thursday, 04.15.04

Thursday, 04.15.04. Another day where I needed someone with strength to help me out. I did prepare the available data for the next day's research group meeting so the day wasn't entirely wasted. I still hadn't worked on my resume, though.
Tuesday, 04.13.04

Tuesday, 04.13.04. Without someone strong to help me with my experiment I didn't get as much work done on Tuesday. The "to do" list wasn't much shorter, which indicates how busy my week was already promising to be.

Friday, 04.16.04

Friday, 04.16.04. As usual, this Friday was used to frantically gather data before 2 PM to present at the research group meeting. Luckily I was successful. The last several items in the research list are from the meeting.
Wednesday, 04.14.04

Wednesday, 04.14.04. This was actually a productive day, despite the lack of research items checked off the list. That "lot temperature leak test" took all afternoon and I had to leave right after it was finished.


Research group meeting (Friday, 04.16.04). In order to remember all of the things I had to report to the meeting I made this list. Besides the graphs, I most wanted to bring up my frequently crashing computer.