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Thursday, 06.17.04

Quote of the Day:
�The special effects were gorgeous but the plot, oh no, the plot.�
Livejournal (link) post on �The Day After Tomorrow� (06.08.04)

Recently I have posted quite a few updates on my webpage, but there were also several others that didn�t make it that far. They got stuck between the idea stage and the polished stage. As I was reviewing these overlooked stuff I realized that they deserved to be posted too. So here they are, slightly modified for completeness and readability. Enjoy.

Sunday, 6/13

1) The Original vs. The Sequel
I just conducted a blind taste test (if that�s possible with just one person) between the original Coca-Cola and the new C2. From reviews that I�ve read I thought I could tell the difference between the two, but I was wrong. They pretty much tasted the same, but it turned out that the one I thought was original Coke was actually C2. That�s good news since I am addicted to regular soda and trying to watch what I eat at the same time.

2) Music for Math Nerds
�If you can't do the math then get out of the equation.� These are the opening lines to the chorus of Hilary Duff�s song �The Math.� The first time I heard it I wasn�t sure I had understood the lyrics, but an online search proved that this song is music to a math nerd�s ears. If I was still in high school and a die hard member of Mu Alpha Theta this song would certainly have been on the playlist of one of our dances. These dances at math conventions were always significant affairs because we had very little social interaction otherwise. And we girls got to wear our cutest clothes. Anyway, the song ends with these lines that are as relevant to an engineering graduate student as to a high school student taking an optional math test.

Is it a minus or a plus
Does enough equal enough
If you can't do the math
Then nothing adds up
Tell me why I'm here

Monday, 6/14

1) The Day After Tomorrow
"Tomorrow is another day... It's 'The Day After Tomorrow' which SUCKS!" This quote is courtesy of the UCLA combustion lab dry erase board. I wrote the first part one day when I was frustrated with my research and I suspect the second part was added by Sevan. As far as I know he hasn�t even seen the movie, but he made a very accurate guess nonetheless. I made the mistake of going to see �The Day after Tomorrow� a couple of weeks ago and had the same reaction as expressed in this entry�s �quote of the day� (see above). Consequently, it was also the same reaction I had to �Titanic� � it was nice to look at, but the plot left something to be desired. At the end we were supposed to be happy about the new Ice Age. I�ll remember that when it actually arrives.

2) A Penny for Your Thoughts
I am very anxious at the beginning of the spring finals week, but on the way to campus this morning I found a penny on the ground. Then I knew everything was going to be all right. UPDATE: That penny got thrown back in the street after I took my turbulence final on Tuesday. The idea that �everything was going to be all right� turned out to be all wrong. And that�s all I�m going to say about that.

Tuesday, 6/15
1) Angels vs. Cubs
�His name�s too long to fit on the back of his jersey � he should strike out!� This quote is courtesy of the two female Angels fan that was sitting behind me and Dan at the game on Saturday. As Dan so eloquently stated, they were �sharing a brain� so the things that were coming out of their mouths were absolutely ludicrous. I�m not an expert on spectator etiquette, but I�m pretty sure insulting the opposing team�s players for ridiculous reasons (see example above) is frowned upon. The Cubs won the game, after a few exciting innings, and their fans (including Dan, a small percentage of the fans in attendance) were very pleased. If you want to see some pictures from the game check out the �Baseball 2004� section of my photo album.

Thursday, 6/17
1) Fancy Footwear
As I was walking out of Target I realized that I should only wear my silver flip-flops when I have dark polish on my toenails. The combination of my pale skin, light pink nail polish, and the silver made my feet practically disappear. I was on my way to the interview at Boeing, but I didn�t want to wear my very uncomfortable silver dress sandals from Payless any longer than I absolutely had to. And since my dress was navy blue and the rest of my flip-flops are black, I opted for the silver ones as I was walking out the door. I also noticed, as I was leaving Target, that I forgot to remove my badly chipped toenail polish. This wouldn�t have concerned me very much, but it had completely peeled off one toe. I just hope no one I met at Boeing noticed that one bare toe.

Three Hours
Wednesday, 06.09.04

Quote of the Day:
�We're guessing he called the interviewer �pitchy,� too, but that's just Randy, dawg.�
Yahoo News article, "An 'American Idol' Shocker!"

Most of this diary entry was scribbled in my assignment notebook during class today while I should have been paying attention to turbulence project presentations. But I had to stay awake somehow. The fact that I was on the verge of falling asleep explains why the original version wasn�t quite ready for posting. I�ve made a few changes to correct grammar and make it intelligible.

My Search for the Perfect Chocolate Milk
My search for the prefect chocolate milk is still ongoing and I�m as passionate about it as ever. The SEAS (School of Engineering and Applied Science) Cafe sells 10 oz cartons of Alta Dena 1% chocolate milk and it�s heavenly. There are two explanations for why this might be true: 1) It�s actually delicious chocolate milk or, 2) I�m so hungry at school that anything would taste delicious. Until I can find the Alta Dena chocolate milk in the grocery store I won�t know which of these options is the correct one. No luck so far. Apparently stocking chocolate milk isn�t as important as the regular kind at Ralph�s. While I appreciate Nestle Nesquik fat free chocolate milk it�s still not exactly what I am looking for. Maybe after all of this searching I will come to the conclusion that Hershey�s syrup in skim milk is my favorite (perfect) chocolate milk. It was also my high school breakfast of choice, but that might have been because anything more substantial before 6 AM turned my stomach. I�ll let you know how it turns out.

My Search for the Perfect Sunscreen
My search for the prefect sunscreen continued yesterday when I purchased Coppertone Endless Summer Ultrasheer sunscreen. It joined my other recent purchase, Banana Boat Suntanicals sunscreen, in the box of various lotions in my bathroom. Each sunscreen has its advantages and disadvantages. The Banana Boat smells nice, but it doesn�t absorb very well and it makes my skin feel a little slimy. The Coppertone is nice and light, but it smells like your typical sunblock. I have similar gripes about regular body lotions with sunscreen and that�s probably why I have a major farmer�s tan. With the usual early summer weather in Los Angeles my current method of sun protection is a jacket. But here are the other sunscreen products I�ve tried so far this season and my critiques of each of them. The search continues.
Oil of Olay Complete Defense SPF 30 lotion (the worst facial lotion)
Oil of Olay Complete All Day SPF 15 lotion (the best facial lotion)
Neutrogena Sensitive Skin sunblock (leaves a white layer on my skin)
Coppertone Oil Free Sensitive Skin (a little slimy, but disappears)
Banana Boat Surf sunblock (haven�t tried it yet, but sounds promising)

Collegiate Attire
While buying a Father�s Day gift at the UCLA store on Monday I saw at least three articles of clothing that I wanted to purchase. But I was in a hurry and I wanted to think it over before actually buying anything. I realize that I won�t be a student at UCLA for much longer (tomorrow is my last class), but that doesn�t mean I can�t wear the school insignia on a t-shirt after I leave. I wish I had more UF clothes, besides the cheerleader shorts with GATORS on the butt (and the t-shirt that says FLORIDA and is practically falling apart), so I want to stock up on UCLA attire while I have the chance. Plus, I need a professional portfolio for the job interviews I am trying to set up on Friday, so that�s an excuse to go back to the store. Speaking of needing clothes, my work wardrobe has dwindled to practically nothing. All of the khakis I bought for my internship three years ago are out of style and I have no blouses. I just hate ironing them. I think a visit to the Ann Taylor Loft in Westwood is in order.

While sitting through three hours of class project presentations, starting at 8:30 AM, I realized that I generally daydream during everyone else�s talks. (As evidenced by the three previous paragraphs that were written during turbulence projects, but have nothing to do with that subject.) And probably, since I don�t pay attention to anyone else, no one paid attention while I was talking either. If only I could keep that in mind while I was presenting. Knowing that the audience is in a catatonic state might calm my nerves. Then again, I was the first person to present this morning (I wanted to get it out of the way as soon as possible), so maybe someone other than my professor was listening. It�s a good thing I didn�t draw a major blank. Just a couple of minor ones. Now I just have to write a paper. At least that doesn�t require practice or cause nausea and anxiety.

Fairly Old Stuff
Saturday, 05.15.04

Quote of the Day:
"Whoa, minute men!"
"Correction, they are pissed minute men!"
MST:3K episode, Time Chasers

Things I am going to write about:
1) VCR tapings
Harry Potter (Sunday, 5/9) � will watch soon
A Wrinkle in Time (Monday, 5/10) � watched Saturday, 5/15
American Idol (Tuesday, 5/11) � watched Tuesday, 5/11
American Idol (Wednesday,5/12) � watched Sunday, 5/16
Frasier (Thursday, 5/13) � never watched
Enterprise (Sunday, 5/16) � never watched

2) Lab work
Monday, 6/10 (9:30-7:30, 10 hours)
Tuesday, 6/11 (9-6, 9 hours)
Wednesday, 6/12 (9:30-4:30, 7 hours)
Thursday, 6/13 (8-6, 10 hours)
Friday, 6/14 (9-8, 11 hours)

3) Dodger games
Tuesday, 6/11
Wednesday, 6/12
18 pitches
14 straight fouls
1 homerun

4) New pictures
Dodger Stadium (�Baseball 2004� section of photo album)
Lab Camera (�Lab Camera 2004� section of photo album)
Disneyland and San Diego Zoo (�Memorial Day 2004� section of photo album)
Angel Stadium (�Baseball 2004� section of photo album)

5) Summer movie season
Van Helsing (released on May 7, saw on May 15)
Troy (released on May 14, saw on May 24)
Shrek 2 (released on May 19, saw on May 19)
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (released on June 4, saw on June 11)
The Day After Tomorrow (released on May 28, saw on June 5)
Chronicles of Riddick (released on June 11)
Spider-Man 2 (released on June 30)

6) AIAA conference
Sevan's article (

-Lauren Gleason