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Tuesday, 04.13.04

Quote of the Day:
"Since Andrew is the Duke, Earl, and Baron he can kick himself around a bit."
Meet the Royals

Review Comments on AIAA Student Papers
Paper No.: MAN22520
Paper Title: Hydrogen-Helium Leak Detection at Elevated Pressures and Low Temperatures

Technical Review Comments:

It is an excellent idea to question and prove/disprove widely-held assumptions and techniques. The methods used appear to be sound. The problems in executing the experiment were identified and addressed adequately. The issue of leak check validity is one that affects all groups that are using hydrogen at elevated pressures and low temperatures. The legends on a number of the figures are hard to make out and need more contrast.

Lauren�s Comments:
Thank for the compliments. As for the criticism, if the legends were any larger they would take up as much space as the graphs themselves. Didn�t I explain the plots during my presentation anyway?

Audio Review Comments:
Judge 1

1) Nice delivery
2) Recommend stronger connection to �real world� applications � the can serve to � or contribute to the safety or range capability => performance
I had an entire slide dedicated to explaining �real world� applications. And it was the second slide. Did I lose your attention that early in the presentation?

Judge 2
Presentation was logical with a good technical level for the audience
This means I used minimal jargon. I�m glad it was appreciated.

Judge 3
1) Nervous start but technical understanding took over
2) Well thought out, good understanding of methods and goals
3) Answered questions well
4) This assumes static mechanical leak configuration � how can this analysis be �folded� into tank design (materials, etc.) for a bigger picture of system performance?
Good question.

Judge 4
1) Could have used a bit more motivation: why is this important?
2) Fonts were too small in places
3) Should include an introductory slide to layout material � listener should expect to hear about: motivation, experiment set-up, orifice manufacturing, etc.
4) Interesting experimental approach with a useful result
5) Good understanding of issues and error sources
6) Other work on this topic? papers, approaches, results, shortcomings?

1) �Why is this important?� Were you listening to the words that were coming out of my mouth? I think I more than sufficiently explained why my research was important.
2) The fonts looked OK to me, but they are easy to change.
3) I hate introductory slides. Usually I assume the audience is intelligent enough to follow the progression of a twenty-minute presentation without my help. Plus it takes at least one minute to go through a �table of contents� slide and that�s a minute that could be used to explain something of greater significance.
4) Thanks
5) Thanks again
6) I�m the only one currently working on this topic. If you want to know more about previous studies I would suggest checking out the references listed in my paper. As far as shortcomings are concerned, I purposely left them out of my presentation. Rest assured that I am doing everything possible to correct them. I spent the last two quarters doing just that.

-Lauren Gleason