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05.19.99 diary entry

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My Television Schedule
Sunday, 09.14.03

Quote of the Day:
�This movie is really drawing me in�to a deep well of despair.�
MST: 3K episode, �Final Justice�

I was disappointed to learn that I missed the second season premiere of �Enterprise� on Wednesday. Fortunately there is an encore showing tonight, but I have forgotten what happened at the end of last season. It�s very possible that I have the first season finale on one of my video tapes, but I haven�t a clue where to start looking for it. And I�ve taped over almost everything since May anyway. At the moment I have three episodes of �X-Men: Evolution� and three movies on various tapes that I haven�t gotten around to watching yet. Some afternoon I�ll have to sit down and watch �Drive Me Crazy� (which I taped because I liked Melissa Joan Hart�s hairstyles), The Karate Kid (which I taped because it represents the 80�s so perfectly), and Hocus Pocus (which I taped because it�s really funny).

In addition to the occasional movie that I�m embarrassed to admit that I watch, my television habit is slightly ridiculous. From this week�s TV guide I compiled a list of shows I intend to watch this fall and it is extensive. I consider myself a moderately intelligent person, but this addiction seems to undermine that assumption. While Dan only watches �24� and postseason baseball I�ll be glued to my 13� a lot more often. Monday through Thursday evenings will be spent either watching or taping my favorite shows and Saturday mornings will indulge my love of cartoons. That can�t be good for my IQ. As you can see from the schedule below I�m not exactly watching the Discovery Channel.

8 PM: 7th Heaven (WB), Premiere 9/15
9 PM: Everwood (WB), Premiere 9/15
10 PM: Road Rules (MTV), Finale 9/15

8 PM: 8 Simple Rules (ABC), Premiere 9/23
9 PM: Frasier (NBC), Premiere 9/23
10 PM: The Real World (MTV)
10:30 PM: Newlyweds (MTV)

8 PM: Enterprise (UPN), Premiere 9/10
9 PM: The Bachelor (ABC), Premiere 9/24
10 PM: Sorority Life (MTV), Premiere 9/17
10:30 PM: Fraternity Life (MTV), Premiere 9/17

8 PM: Friends (NBC), Premiere 9/25
10 PM: True Life (MTV)

10:30 AM: X-Men Evolution (WB)

Spending Rules #3
Monday, 09.08.03

Quote of the Day:
�Ninety percent of the people in this world are fools and the rest of us are in danger of contamination.�
Hello, Dolly!

This time around I decided I would explain the rules I set for myself. The reasons behind them paint a better picture of my life than anything else I could write. And the rules are a better reason to write a diary entry than any other I�ve had recently. So here they are.

1) Only one DVD before Christmas, �The Matrix Reloaded� (October 14)
The only reason I am going to purchase the one DVD before Christmas is because I will need a refresher before the third Matrix movie is released in November. Even though a childhood rules prevents me from compiling a Christmas wish list until after Thanksgiving, I have already given it some thought. Any other DVDs that I want are going on that list. I know it�ll be annoying, but I think I can make it through four months with the movies already in my collection.

2) Only one CD before Christmas, Radio Disney Jams 6 (September 9)
No matter how many CDs I have on my Amazon wish list I already have enough to adequately entertain myself while driving around Los Angeles. But I love Radio Disney and I can�t pass up the newest album from my favorite station. I have never counted the number of CDs I own, but the total is probably close to one hundred. How could I possibly want anything else to listen to? Plus, when I bought �The Two Towers� two weeks ago (how funny) I also purchased four new CDs. I�m set for a while.

3) Only two books before Christmas, The Slippery Slope (September 23) and The Wizard's Holiday (October 1)
I love books, but there are seven on my shelf that I have yet to read. And since there isn�t a used book store in Westwood I can save a lot of money keeping my library constant for the time being. However, there is a used book store in Tallahassee, and I found cheap copies of Children of Dune and Mossflower while I was there. But store credit paid for those, so no money was spent. As far as I know the two books listed above are the only must-haves until March, when the new Princess Diaries book is released, but I�ll make the deadline Christmas just in case. At least I�ll still have space on my bookshelf then.

4) No more buying jeans I have exhausted current my supply
I have previously stated that my closet already contains thirteen pairs of jeans, but that doesn�t mean I wouldn�t wear more if I had them. My daily attire consists of jeans and a t-shirt, so I figure that number is reasonable. Any more would be impractical, though. When I was in Tallahassee I added a pair of khaki corduroy jeans, the one fall item I was dying to have, to my wardrobe. At least they aren�t blue jeans. I am not going to restrict the other kinds of clothes I can buy since I will need new winter clothes soon, but I already have more jeans than I need to protect me from the colder months in southern California.

5) No more buying nail polish until next flip-flop season (July 2004?)
For a girl who wears running shoes to class every day I own a large number of nail polish shades. I counted eleven bottles this afternoon and I only paint my toenails. So I figure that, among these eleven, I have more than enough colors to get me through the end of the summer. Especially since the California summer won�t last much longer. For now my toenails are teal, a color I read was trendy for the fall, but I can�t wait to change that. The color doesn�t suit me at all. I�m thinking of going red next time. Fortunately that�s a color I already own.

6) No more buying makeup until I got to Tallahassee for Christmas (December 20)
Considering my infrequent use of makeup the expense just isn�t justified. While I was in Tallahassee I bought some eye shadow and lipstick (both shades of pink) from Clinique in order to get the free gift. Those things are never worth it, but if you�re going to buy expensive makeup you might as well get something extra at the same time. When I go back at Christmas I am planning to buy some foundation. I ordinarily would never wear it, but I will need some for Meghan�s wedding in March. My problem is that every time I open a magazine I see new products that I would like to try. The next rule should help me in this regard.

7) No more buying magazines until I go to Tallahassee for Christmas (December 20)
This summer, between my trips to New York City and Tallahassee, I�ve read the August and September issue of every teen magazine in publication. My taste in music, television, and reading material sometimes makes me question my mental age. Maybe I�ve never outgrown my teen years. So, in an effort to facilitate my mental grown, I will refrain from reading these magazines unless I�m on an airplane. And very bored.

8) No more buying shampoo or lotion until one of the bottles runs out (???)
I took an inventory of my medicine cabinet over the weekend and discovered eleven different shampoos and the same number of lotions. And this was after throwing away anything that was expired or that I don�t use. That means that I use every single one of these shampoos and lotions. And that means I couldn�t possibly need any more of either one of them. Any possible hair condition hair can be treated by what I already own. This rule should be assisted by the previous one, considering that I am tempted by magazine ads.

-Lauren Gleason