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05.19.99 diary entry

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New York City 2003
Sunday, 05.25.03

Quote of the Day:
Gabrielle: "I did all that and they call you the hero?"
Xena: "Wanna switch? You kick butt, I'll take notes."
Xena: Warrior Princess, 01.23.99

I'm planning my summer vacation. A week in New York City. I have only been there once and that was on a high school chorus trip seven years ago. Needless to say, we spent most of our short visit rehearsing for a concert in Carnegie Hall rather than sightseeing. Not that we were confined to our hotel. I'll always remember that, even though it was April, it snowed while we were in Rockefeller Center and we huddled together and on Liberty Island to keep from freezing. Plus, we discovered what the back of the Statue of Liberty looks like. That's not something you see everyday. Unless you live in NYC, that is. Next time I'm in Tallahassee I'll find some pictures from that trip to post in my photo album.

Ever since that trip, even though I had to wear two slips and tights under my chorus dress for warmth, I've wanted to go back to New York City. So my mom and I are planning to go sometime in July. It should be somewhat warmer then. With the assistance of two guidebooks, Frommer's New York City 2003 and New York City for Dummies, I have started compiling a list of what I want to see and do there. From the looks of it so far it's a good thing we're going to be there a week!

  • Broadway shows
    • Gypsy (Shubert Theater)
    • Rent (Nederlander Theater)
    • Hairspray (Neil Simon Theater)
    • Mamma Mia (Wintergarden Theater)
  • Central Park
    • Zoo
    • Carousel
    • The Mall
    • Bethesda Fountain
    • Shakespeare in the Park
  • Museums
    • Museum of Natural History
    • Metropolitan Museum of Art
    • Museum of Modern Art
    • Guggenheim Museum
  • Chinatown
  • Little Italy
  • Shopping
    • Macy's
    • Bloomingdale's
    • Barneys
    • FAO Schwartz
  • Cruise around Manhattan
  • Ellis Island and Liberty Island
  • Staten Island Ferry
  • Empire State Building
  • Times Square
  • Rockefeller Center
    • Radio City Music Hall
    • NBC studio
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Grand Central Station
  • Ground Zero
  • Flatiron building
  • New York City Public Library
  • United Nations

Hardly an Intellectual Composition
Tuesday, 05.13.03

Quote of the Day:
"Miracles are like meatballs, because nobody can exactly agree what they are made of, or where they came from, or how often they should appear."
The Carnivorous Carnival

So Captain Archer ran into the Borg. And after the encounter was over he knew perfectly well that some two hundred years in the future these cybernetic beings were going to threaten Earth. And we, as viewers who are certainly tough critics if not experts on the topic, are supposed to buy that he did nothing to prevent this disaster? That he didn�t even attempt to pass this information into the future where it could be useful? That the apathetic Q was more helpful in arming humans against the Borg? No sale. I�ve been quite disappointed in �Enterprise� this season. This complaint isn�t the first one I�ve written about either. Several weeks ago I noted one in my Palm Pilot. �I would have thought the �Enterprise� writers were more creative. Last night's episode was pretty much a condensed version of Star Trek VI. I think the sentencing was actually taken directly from the movie.� I admit that I�m too much of a Trekkie to ever abandon the show, no matter how outlandish or annoying it gets, but that doesn�t mean I can�t complain about it.

Almost four years ago I wrote my first diary entry in order to express thoughts and emotions that I would normally keep to myself. And while my criticisms of �Enterprise� seem to fit into that category I didn�t exactly plan them to be the opening of this diary entry. Surely I could have come up with something that illustrates my personality better than some comments on a television show. If I had another chance I�d start with something like this�

Someone keep me away from the bookstore! Somehow, in the middle of a very hectic academic semester, I have acquired enough books to keep me busy for a long time. Besides New York City guidebooks, which I bought to plan a trip this summer, here�s a list of my recent literary additions (and the reasons I got them).

1) Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code by Eoin Colfer (a favorite series)
2) Dune by Frank Herbert (a recent obsession)
3) Holes, Louis Sachar (a gift from Dan)
4) The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke (a recommendation from Amazon)
5) The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan (a supposed fantasy masterpiece)
6) Cordelia�s Honor by Lois Bujold (a recommendation from Kathe)

It�s no secret that I love books. I bought a bookshelf when I moved into my apartment with the intention of using it for both literature and textbooks. Now I have eight schoolbooks stacked on my desk because that bookshelf is more than full. Two of the shelves barely contain my library of novels. The other day Dan commented that I would have plenty of space for my necessary collection of textbooks if I didn�t have the contents of those two shelves. But without them I think I�d go crazy. There�s only so much fluid mechanics a girl can take before she craves escape.

While that wasn�t exactly the intellectual composition I was hoping for, at least it didn�t have anything to do with television. Now I�ll go back to not caring how inane my ramblings sound and continue this diary entry.

Speaking of inane, my latest obsession is �X-Men: Evolution.� I�ve started taping the episodes so that when final exams roll around I�ll have something to watch while studying. You can�t beat the X-Men in high school for entertainment value. I admit I watch mostly for Quicksilver, though. The hair, the attitude - he reminds me of Draco. It�s funny how my obsessions change from time to time. Usually I get really excited about something, go crazy over it for a while, and then slowly lose interest. With Order of the Phoenix arriving on my doorstep next month I have a feeling this current X-Men obsession will pass around that time and be replaced by Harry Potter. Then I�ll probably be thinking that Draco reminds me of Quicksilver.

By the reactions of the other members of my research group I got the distinct impression that I shouldn�t be going home at 2 PM today. Just because I�m not in the office doesn�t mean that I�m not working! OK, so I�m not working right now, due to the fact that I�m writing this diary entry, but I am planning to work on several assignments later. Later meaning after I go see X2 for the third time. Since the Matrix Reloaded, which I already have a Thursday afternoon ticket for, is starting tomorrow this may be my last chance to see my favorite superheroes at the local theater. But as soon as the movie is over I am hitting the books. So to speak. I�ll probably be working on my computer and, while my laptop could use a good beating, I hate to say I�m going to �hit the computer.� Anyway, I have included a list of the things I need to accomplish tonight. But now I�m off to the movie.

1) Rewrite the homework solution for the class I�m TAing
2) Scan assignments and lecture notes, also for the class I�m TAing
3) Process some experimental data for my research project
4) Send the processed data (with explanation) to Dr. Karagozian

American Idol
Tuesday, 04.22.03

Quote of the Day:
"Lord forgive us, we know exactly what we do!"
Sister Act 2

Simon Cowell is preaching to the choir. That is, if the choir consists of the sole resident of my apartment. When I used to sing myself I suppose that could have been the case. But I digress. Tonight on American Idol the tough talking judge told Clay Aiken that he could make a fortune as a Broadway star. That's precisely what I've been saying about him since the beginning! After the first couple of finalist shows I knew that he wasn't pop star material. Broadway star for certain, but not pop star. And tonight Simon said outright that he didn't see Clay as the next American Idol. Like every other girl in America I went through the "crazy about Clay" phase after first hearing his amazing voice, but mine was short-lived. It only took about three weeks for his vocal style to get predictable and boring. Not any less spectacular, just not enough to take my breath away anymore. At first he was an adorable geek (the kind of guy that catches my eye no matter where I see him) who could belt out a love song to melt any girl's heart. Now he's got spiky highlighted hair and a leather jacket. But, while change is refreshing, it doesn't seem to have happened where it should. This endless stream of ballads has to end! That is, unless it includes "Music of the Night" or "All I Ask of You" sometime in the near future.

Simon was on fire tonight. Along with his comments I've already mentioned, he also said that Kimberly Locke is one of the front-runners in the competition. To my delight, I picked her out as one of the best singers in the very first show. After the first round of auditions I remember thinking that if she or Frenchie, the girl who was disqualified early on for some questionable internet material, didn't become the next American Idol I would be very surprised. Kimberly is simply the most talented, in both vocal ability and versatility, person in the competition. So, in the words of the judge everyone love to hate, "Watch out for Kimberly Locke!"

I wrote these thoughts on American Idol one Tuesday right, almost three weeks ago, after watching the show. Unfortunately I got distracted in the middle of the second paragraph and didn't finish it that night. And now that I have some time to come back to conclude my thoughts on the show I can't remember what I wanted to say. Surely, after the long rant about Clay, I had something more to add in Kimberly's favor. Since the Clay fan club lost me as a member Kimberly has been my pick for the next American Idol, even now that there are only three finalists remaining. In the upcoming weeks we'll see if I'll be justified in saying "I told you so." (05.10.03)

-Lauren Gleason