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Chamber of Secrets
Saturday, 11.16.02

Quote of the day:
�I didn�t know you could read.�
Draco Malfoy

While considering the imood menu this evening I almost selected �disappointed� as my one-word reaction to the movie version of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. After further deliberation I choose �amused� instead as a better characterization of my overall feelings about the movie. In actuality, this is not a situation where a simple description is accurate.

One of my favorite things about the Harry Potter books is that they make me laugh. I remember reading Goblet of Fire once and laughing out loud. My dad�s response was, �Is it really that good?� Absolutely. Unfortunately the movie version of Chamber of Secrets failed to capture the majority of that hilarity. But it did make me laugh.

I hope the Harry Potter franchise knows how lucky it is to have Rupert Grint. That kid is just precious. His facial expressions are absolutely priceless. Not only does he manage to wordlessly communicate Ron�s thoughts, but he can also convince you that he really is belching up slugs. Here�s one good quote concerning the event that was included in the movie. �Better out than in,� he [Hagrid] said cheerfully, plunking a large copper basin in front of him. �Get �em all up, Ron.� That one got a laugh out of me. Add that to the many that accompanied Ron�s slug-belching in general and that scene cracked me up.

Lucius Malfoy looked like he should have been signing the Declaration of Independence. His long hair didn�t really bother me until the ponytail appeared. It had a bow. Draco Malfoy is my favorite character, but I couldn�t get over his father wearing a bow in his hair. Is this considered a unisex accessory in the wizarding world? I am convinced that, at some point in the story, Draco will redeem himself and prove that he isn�t a Voldemort-follower like his father. As long as his hair remains shorter than ponytail-length I am going to stick by that assessment. Maybe there�s a correlation between hair length and wickedness.

Several of the things that made the book amusing were condensed in the movie version of Chamber of Secrets. The beginning of each book, when Harry is finishing up the summer with the Dursleys, is always funny. Their dislike for Harry and all things magical is an interesting contrast to the rest of the story. And then there�s Gilderoy Lockhart. The pompous, self-centered Defense Against the Dark Arts professor is a brilliant character. There just wasn�t enough of him in the movie. I realize that even a three-hour movie can�t include every aspect of a complex story, but a little more of the funnier bits would certainly have made it more enjoyable.

�Percy's morning hair. That's all I'm saying about that.� I completely agree. (I got this quote from my favorite Harry Potter fan page, The Leaky Cauldron.)

Did anyone get a chance to read the CNN article about Harry Potter than I posted a couple of days ago? It debated whether or not making movies out of books was detrimental to the imagination. I�ve thought about this on more than one occasion and, after quite a bit of searching, I finally found the diary entry where I wrote about it. It was more than two years ago, in my 09.19.00 diary entry.

�On another literary note, I was having a rather interesting conversation today with my aerospace friends about books we have read (and coincidentally the movies that have been made of them). After a few minutes of discussion Andy breaks in with, �You guys need a Blockbuster card!� I have nothing but respect for Andy but I am of the opinion that the images you create in your mind from the written word are more tangible than anything projected on a screen. When I read a book my imagination creates visions of the characters and their surroundings that are all the more real because I made them myself. You can�t rely on Hollywood to do all of that work for you. In fact, that �work� is what I like most about books.�

Sometimes I manage to perfectly express my thoughts in words. I have no idea how. It doesn�t seem possible, but sometimes it happens.

Back to the quote. Now that I�ve seen two movies adapted from Harry Potter books, I don�t care what anyone else says, I am always going to believe in the potency of books. Of course this is a personal opinion, but I am not going to let anyone belittle it. My beliefs are just as important as those of any other person.

My bed is covered with study materials that need my attention. I should have been working on a homework assignment instead of writing this, but isn�t that always the case with my diary entries? Now that I�ve thoroughly discussed my feelings about Chamber of Secrets I can get back to my academic obligations. That doesn�t sound too appealing, but it�s necessary. I can�t spend all of my time thinking about books and movies.

-Lauren Gleason