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Wednesday, February 18, 2009
I'm ecstatic that my laptop is operational again. This is thanks to my brother-in-law Bryon who reinstalled Windows (using the six year-old Dell CD-ROMs that I never thought I'd need, but kept through three changes of address anyway) while he was here. I was pretty sure this was the only thing that would fix the symptoms my laptop was exhibiting so I backed up absolutely everything on it. Or at least I thought I did. Photos? Saved on an external hard drive. Music? Backed up on a couple of CDs. But after it was too late I realized that I had eight years of emails on my old account that are now gone forever. Not that I'll ever need them again, but my wedding planning correspondence was in there and I'm kind of sad it's gone. Being able to download movies for my iPod Touch makes it very easy to for me to overlook the lack of old and practically forgotten emails though. In fact it's awesome! And thanks to a birthday gift from Dave and Sam I can stock up on movies (mostly chick flicks that I can watch why flying back and forth from DC) at no cost to myself. Thanks to everyone who made this possible (i.e., Bryon, Dave, and Sam)!
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