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Saturday, September 15, 2007
I'm sitting here watching the first nationally televised Gator football game of the season (they're playing Tennessee at home) and realizing that I haven't updated my webpage with any substance in a while. The first thing I should say is that my name change is mostly done now. Last Thursday I went to the DMV to get a new driver's license and to change the name on my car title and registration. And then yesterday I got my new license and car title in the mail. Combine this with the fact that I got my name changed on all three computer systems at work last week and I guess I am officially Lauren Feller! My new signature needs some work, though. I'm pretty comfortable with scrawling the "Lauren" part without any trouble, but the "Feller" part takes a bit of concentration. My cursive F's are terrible. Speaking of names, I must admit that when I purchased my domain name back in 2002 I did take the possibility of a future name change into consideration. Maybe it was a bit presumptuous of me since Dan and I had been dating less than a year at the time, but looking back it was a good decision to just have my first name in the address. One less thing I have to change now!
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