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Sunday, September 16, 2007
My Sunday:
1) Went shopping for the weekly groceries. This is always an adventure considering that everyone else does their grocery shopping on Sunday afternoons too. Plus, I had to go back later when I realized that I forgot milk and eggs.
2) Made pear cobbler for dessert. It smelled delicious while it was baking and when Dan and I had some after dinner we discovered that it was quite tasty too.
3) Watched the Emmy red carpet arrivals on E! since it's the only network that doesn't time delay their programming for the West Coast. It's silly because the awards show is taking place about 20 miles for where we live, but we can't watch it live.
4) Made dinner for Dan and me, which consisted of salad, bread sticks, and fruit. I love putting together a good meal.
5) Watched New Zealand's second Rugby World Cup match against Portugal. Dan and I watched the All Blacks walk all over Italy last weekend and it was more of the same for Portugal today.
6) Watched the Emmy's, which we TiVoed while the rugby game was on. The only nominated show that I've actually watched was "Lost" so I only had a few favorites. At least Terry O'Quinn won. We like the Colbert Report too, but they didn't have as much luck.
7) Tried to mentally prepare myself for the coming week. Failed miserably. Here we go again!
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