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Thursday, March 15, 2007
The saga of my trip so far:
Yesterday morning when I got to the airport, around 5 AM, I discovered that my driver's licence has expired. This meant I had to go through a special security screening before I could get on my flight. That wasn't such a big deal, but not having a valid licence also meant that I couldn't get my rental car when I arrived in DC. I took the airport shuttle to my hotel, but I still felt really stupid for not noticing that my licence was expired. Sam and Dave were nice enough to pick me up at my hotel and take me to dinner tonight. Thanks guys! If I'd had a car of my own I could have met them somewhere better than the horrible restaurant we went to. It was highly recommended my the hotel staff, but our experience there was less than spectacular.

The entire flight to DC I was worried that it was going to be cold there and that I hadn't brought any warm clothes. But when I arrived in DC it was 85 degrees! In fact, it was a record high and I was a bit warm in my sweatshirt. Then I checked the weather for the rest of the week and discovered that it was going to cool down dramatically. There's even a chance of snow tomorrow morning. Like I said in my earier post, I didn't have the foresight to bring a winter jacket with me and the last thing I'm prepared for is snow. Fortunately I won't have to be outside much tomorrow, but I'll definitely be freezing when I am. Then, after my meeting tomorrow afternoon, I'll get on a plane to Phoenix where it's almost 100 degrees! Those shorts I packed for the weekend should come in handy.

We won't have internet access in Phoenix over the weekend (we're staying in a Motel 6), but Dan and I will be going to two Cubs games while we're there. We even have tickets for a game on St. Patrick's Day that should be a lot of fun. When we get back I'm sure I'll have plenty of stories and pictures to post. I have to get up early for my meeting so I'd better get to bed. Goodnight!
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