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Thursday, February 08, 2007
I was very excited to see a billboard for Cherry Coke Zero on my drive home last week. In my opinion, Cherry Coke is the best drink in the world and I'm always interested in less indulgent (i.e., lower calorie) versions than the original. I've tried Diet Cherry Coke, which is just acceptable, and Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi, which is actually pretty tasty, but the promise of Cherry Coke Zero sounded wonderful. (Read my brief original reaction to Coke Zero, with much additional commentary.) So yesterday I purchased a couple of 20 oz Cherry Coke Zeros at the grocery store with much anticipation. I usually drink a diet soda at work to stay awake, so I took my first sip of Cherry Coke Zero in a meeting yesterday morning. The verdict - it's pretty good! I'll have to perform a blind test test with Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi to figure out which I prefer, but I will definitely be drinking Cherry Coke Zero again.
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