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Friday, October 13, 2006
My trip to Downtown Disney
My plan was to take the 22 East to the 5 North, but there was so much construction on the 22 that I missed the (poorly marked) exit. So I tried to turn around at the next exit to try and get to the 5 North that way, but there wasn't a 22 West on ramp at that exit. My only choice was to get back on the 22 East. I went east until the 22 dead ended at the 55. I thought I could take the 55 South to the 5 North. Unfortunately the 55 South only gave me the option to get on the 5 South. So I took the next exit to turn around, but there was only a 5 South on ramp there. Does this sound familiar? I was getting pretty frustrated. I figured my last resort was to take the 405 South to the 5 North. But that that didn't work either. The 405 South merges onto the 5 South without the option of going north instead. At this point I had been driving for about an hour and I couldnít believe how many wrong turns I had taken. The first right move I made was to take the next available exit, turn around, and get on the 5 North for the first time. I finally did get to Downtown Disney, but not before making a few U-turns to find the entrance to the parking lot. I donít know if Iím a bad driver or just incredibly unlucky.
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