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Sunday, June 18, 2006
From left: Craig, Dan, John, Hudson, Kiran, and Lauren (taken by Nina) Kiran (the little one) and Lauren (the big one)

Dan and I had a get together with some friends at our house today. John and Hudson were there, as well as Craig and Nina with their two year-old daughter, Kiran. Nina took both of these pictures while we were playing cards. A good time was had by all.
Posted at 11:43 PM, 6 Comments

Dan clearly has that "I can't believe I'm playing Killer Bunnies again!" look on his face. Dan, you cannot escape!
You should have seen him later when he had the "I can't believe I won Killer Bunnies again!" look on his face. It was crazy.
I firmly believe the best way to wind the game is to have such bad karma at the beginning of the game that the universe must balance it out by making any carrot you have at the end a winner. I successfully killed all of my own bunnies (4), lost all of my carrots (4), and lost all of my Dolla (10), in two turns. I managed to scrounge up 4 carrots at the end game and went up against craig's 9, john's 4, and hudson's 3. I was gauranteed to win when the last two carrots to be identified were in my hand. Weird.
Killer Bunnies? I'm trying to think of something we used to play that sounded as wacky, and sadly, I've got nothing.
Killer Bunnies is a great game. You'd love it, Kathe. We'll have to play sometime. :)
Well, technically it's called "Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot". So, it's even wackier than you originally thought. But it is a great game. I think having bad luck at the beginning of the game, especially when there's a lot of people , is probably good, because it keeps you from being a target. For me, this game is a great mix of strategy and luck. It doesn't tax my brain, it's fun and goofy, and can be played with a range of people. A person with no Killer Bunnies experience only has a slight disadvantage to someone that's played a billion times. What color deck are you guys up to?
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